Our Global Professional Services team are experts in our products and provide a variety of services to assist our clients, leveraging a best practice approach based on years of experience delivering software implementation projects in the Corporate Services, Trust and Fund Administration markets to Enable Success for our customers.

Project & Programme Governance

We take overall responsibility in the delivery of your chosen software from planning to final delivery of product. These project and programme management services are detailed and flexible, working to your ideal approaches to ensure effective delivery from start to finish.

Requirements & Configuration

We can provide Requirements Analysis and System Configuration, whether that is utilising our ready-to-go ‘out of the box’ installations our working through a custom implementation to your specific needs. This assists with reducing time to value for realising the benefits of our software.

Workflow Configuration

We can assist designing and building workflows your key business processes and provide training to develop the workflows. Our Services team is highly experienced with workflows and how they can help your efficiency, and can help on best practice and define the workflows for you.

Data Migration

We provide secure and accurate migration of your critical business data. We provide a variety of migration options that are suitable for any size of organisation. Migration options include strategies for manual data migration or full data migration.

Product Training

Our team provides training solutions that are adaptable to accelerate the adoption of the software within your organisation. All super users can be trained by our Professional Services team along with our online training materials that can be accessed by all users.

Bespoke Development

Every firm is different, and so we can provide a comprehensive range of bespoke development services to meet your specific needs. This ensures you are not only using market-leading software, but that it also serves your unique value proposition.


Our software is capable of integrating with many different types of systems, to ensure maximum efficiency through integrated data and processes. Our professional services team are experts in building such integrations into your wider IT environment.


Reporting is crucial to ensuring internally a well-run firm and externally demonstrating value to clients. Our team are very experienced with report configuration and writing in key areas, helping to standardise your outputs and increase efficiency.

TrustQuay Advance

TrustQuay software and services bring unrivalled advantage to our customers; TrustQuay Advance allows you to take that to the next level, by having direct access to a team who can focus on what makes your business special.

A dedicated, pre-allocated team of resources that you can prioritise and direct to the areas that are most important to your business. Primarily focused on product development, the team can also be used for training, data integration, workflow configuration or process improvement through prior arrangement.

Crucially, by working to industry standard agile methodologies, you’re able to groom and prioritise the backlog of work so it best fits your business needs at that moment in time. By having the pre-allocated capacity agreed upfront, you can plan your efforts more efficiently and can manage budgets more effectively. Above all else, we’re focused on delivering value and increasing your efficiency.

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