Data security

We take the approach that security is best when it is ever-present yet not intrusive, and as such our software utilises tools at all stages of client interactions to maintain this approach.

Data is shown only to those who have the relevant approvals. Information and documents are stored directly against client records.

Audit trails are available for all communications, and access to the system can be controlled directly via user authentication reducing the load on support teams.

As these processes are fully configurable, workflow management can define any process to be carried out based on pre-determined security criteria.


The world of cybersecurity is constantly evolving and we have a healthy paranoia in our approach to security. We know that no matter how good we are, we can always do better. That’s why we undertake regular activities as part of our Secure Development Lifecycle to continually improve our security:

  • Regular penetration testing by accredited independent consultants (a copy of our penetration report is available to our customers).
  • Code scanning and source code repository tools to prevent common security vulnerabilities being created in the first place.
  • Regular training on secure development techniques.
  • Specialist employees trained and accredited with building and architecting secure cloud and networked environments.

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Technology we use

As a global leader, technology is at the core of what we do.  This could be in terms of the architecture of the software, or the methodologies we use for deployment, but wherever the requirement TrustQuay is at the forefront of innovation.

Modular system

Modular technology approach ensures widespread applicability of our technology

Digital Approach

Engaging clients with innovative digitalisation approaches brings efficiency and bring competitive advantage

Regulatory technology

Nimble, configurable and effective at minimising risk, our suite of solutions are integral to business practice

Microservice architecture

Granular componentry at an architectural level allows speed and flexibility around development and products

Cloud ready

Leverage cloud deployment to support modern working practices and maximise business continuity

On-premise deployment

Do you have a specific set of requirements around security, data warehousing or data management? Then we have the flexibility to support

Enterprise support

Flexible and tailored to enable you to maintain readiness to react to any business challenge


Our web applications use the latest containerisation technologies to minimise deployed resources, maximise availability and reduce costs

DevOps adoption

Continuous delivery of high quality software

Web capability

Operational around the world in multiple jurisdictions? Our device-agnostic technology can easily support you

Easy scale

Our products are growth platforms, allowing you to add functional elements as you scale

API services

Create efficiencies and build ecosystems that leverage your unique value, allowing custom workflows and improved efficiencies

Independent security test

We check every aspect of our security to the highest levels, with penetration testing conducted by an independent accredited cybersecurity firm.

Data management

All data is stored in accordance with the latest best practice

Staff accreditation

Staff accredited across a wide variety of the latest enterprise technologies


Open to all our teams, we encourage online and offline learning, and manage knowledge transfer across our agile teams