TrustQuay 5Series

TrustQuay 5Series can help you…

  • Reduce costs with increased automation, improve your operational efficiency and reduces errors and costs associated with manual processing.
  • Improve control: workflow processes guide staff through their day to day work and provide management with a clear, real-time view of the business.
  • Retain clients and grow business with improved customer service achieved through enhanced management control, reliable and consistent data, comprehensive reporting and a client portal.
  • Improve flexibility and agility by reacting quickly to changing market and compliance requirements through user-configurable options.
  • Safeguard client data: functional and data access controls help to ensure sensitive client data is protected.


Enabling your front-to-back office digital transformation

As the market moves, so do you: we continually update our technology and integration platform to enable the latest functionality

Innovate first, innovate fast - with our API-led architecture, 5Series can sit at the heart of your data landscape

A new way to connect your clients

Easy to use graphical interface with Automatic client structure diagrams and integrated forms, minutes and diary management – all held centrally

See a ‘single source of truth’ for all your client and enterprise data, so you can always find the information you need

Start your client journey on the right foot by automatically taking care of key client reporting and compliance activities

Take your clients where they want to go

Minimise time spent onboarding clients by embedding standardisation, best practice and ease of use across the business

Comes with a suite of tools ready to meet your onboarding challenges, including the automation of KYC and Risk compliance

FATCA, CRS and MDR regulatory requirements included as standard

Client focus

Provide efficient and informed service based around a comprehensive suite of digital tools

Fully configurable workflows work with any piece of data in the 5Series ecosystem allowing total control and efficiency at all levels

Deliver a broader range of services to meet the complex needs of all your clients

Look after what matters

Designed from day 1 to ensure that client data, accounting information, trading data and fund valuations are all wrapped up in our advanced security model

Powerful workflow features let you create data flows and approval processes that speed up the pace of your business

Usability first – security managed yet simple and guided data access allows for quick, easy yet secure data modification

Key Features

With 5Series you will enjoy a great user experience, driven by the latest technology tailored to the needs of your business. Here are some of the key features that will be found with the 5Series system

Advanced entity structure setup

Compliance monitoring

Comprehensive role management

Document production and filing

Structured workflow management

My Tasks home page

Multi-currency accounting

Automated billing administration

Holistic security model

Risk management

Customisable reports and queries

Profitability monitoring