Mauritian AML compliance in this era of new technology

calendar 20 September 2021
clock 12:30 am
pin Webinar
user Ed Creswell, Feizal Jownally, Pratimah Jugoo, Heena Beebeejaun

With the continued exponential growth in regulatory technology, in this webinar, TrustQuay and BDO Mauritius look at topics such as the current Mauritian regulatory framework and the potential lines of defense open to you.

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Innovation in Digital Onboarding with TrustQuay Portal

calendar 7 September 2021
pin Webinar
user Simon Witkiss, Richard Spink, Suzanne Pritchard, Adrian Akers, Graeme Ferguson

Please join us for our webinar in partnership with GBG that explores the adoption of our TrustQuay Portal combined with digital onboarding. We will introduce our in-house case study, Neptune Services, which will demonstrate how the adoption of a customer-facing portal can profoundly alter your digital transformation.

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