With a particular focus on the Cyprus market, TrustQuay Quorum is used by major auditing, legal, trust and specialist providers offering corporate secretarial and other professional services.

Quorum is a software solution the supports these organisations’ entity management, time recording, billing and company secretarial operations, as well as assisting their corporate compliance with regulations such as Anti-Money Laundering and Know-Your-Customer.

Quorum Covers

Entity management and company administration

Contacts and clients management

KYC Compliance

Easy navigation means all your client and enterprise data is only a click away

Our long experience of the regulatory environment means that implementation of global and local requirements is efficient and painless

Core regulatory requirements included in main package

Quorum Benefits

  • Organise and manage client bank accounts
  • Monitor client KYC and compliance efficiently and effectively
  • Optimise client and entity management operations
  • Increase client billing by better tracking and monitoring chargeable work
  • Improve compliance and the quality of your work
  • Standardise procedures and reduce opportunities for human error
  • Implement secure and traceable operations
  • Manage information and documents accurately, reliably and efficiently

Supported products

TrustQuay supports a range of financial services technology systems focused on the global wealth management sector.


4Series is a proven and robust software solution that is used by trust and corporate service administrators, fund administrators and banks.


Designed for the specialist accounting and administration requirements of the offshore financial services industry, offering comprehensive statutory administration and accounting support for trusts, companies and private clients in numerous jurisdictions.


Elements is a proven and robust software solution that is used by trust and corporate service administrators in several countries.


Alchemy is a long-established trust administration solution, trusted by large and small firms alike.


Musketeer is a treasury risk management system used by the treasury function within investment banks, retail banks and other financial institutions.


Primacy Workplace combines an intuitive, easy-to-use user interface with complex logic and business rules specific to the financial services industry.

Application Management

TrustQuay provides development and support services on a range of software products and applications used by both Public and Private sector organisations.

This includes:

  • TrustQuay software products, with a focus on the banking, trading and energy sectors
  • Applications built by TrustQuay using either TrustQuay’s software or other external technology
  • External software and applications where organisations have outsourced UK-based application management services to TrustQuay.


Interlink is a product design system for investment management companies trading as multi-managers, fund of funds, pooled pension, and segregated funds.


Cortex is a software system designed for companies trading commodity products, with particular focus on the London Metal Exchange (LME).


G3 is a fully scalable and integrated private banking, custody and investment management system


AIMS is a system designed for the global asset management market and provides integrated portfolio modelling.


PowerQuote is a software product that enables retail electricity suppliers to price complex contracts for end-user customers or energy brokers.