Trust Administration & Private Client

Today’s trustees and fiduciaries need to maintain peak operating efficiency while managing the drain of increasing compliance and delivering higher-quality digital engagement for today’s demanding clients and beneficiaries.

The Trust and Wealth Management industry continues to change rapidly. The global wave of regulation continues across jurisdictions, industry is simultaneously globalising and consolidating, and new generations of clients and beneficiaries are demanding greater control, convenience and transparency from their providers.

As a result, today’s trustees, large and small, face growing fee and margin pressure along with challenges to traditional business models and intensifying competition, whilst continuing to balance their fiduciary responsibilities.

Success in this uniquely challenging environment, as we enter a period of accelerated digital disruption, requires prudent investments in technology to control the cost of compliance, ensure peak operational efficiency and delivery of powerful, secure interfaces and reporting capabilities, in order to create value and maintain a competitive edge.

Corporate Services

Growing structure complexity, ongoing waves of global and local regulatory changes and the continued globalisation and consolidation of the industry are putting pressure on margins for Corporate Service providers, meaning operational efficiency is key.

The Corporate Services industry is rapidly evolving. The ongoing globalisation and consolidation of the corporate services and adjacent industries and the rising tide of regulation is challenging traditional business models and expanding the role of modern corporate service providers further into governance, risk management, operations and beyond. At the same time, end clients, investors and beneficiaries are expecting new levels of transparency, accuracy and control with respect to reporting, data and information.

These forces are applying significant pressure on fees and margins, threatening competitiveness, putting in place impediments to scale and increasing compliance risks, in part exacerbated by ageing legacy systems working in patchwork combinations with offline workaround solutions to deliver to regulatory standards.

To succeed in this market, Corporate Services providers need to maintain optimal operating efficiency, control the costs of compliance and remain focused on delivering to the informational needs of their clients.

Alternative Fund Administration

Rising expectations from fund managers and LPs on governance, accuracy, transparency and compliance mean today’s alternative fund administrators need to ensure peak operating efficiency and on-demand delivery of high quality real-time reporting and data insights in order to seize market opportunities.

The surging interest in alternative funds and onward march of regulation is driving significant opportunities for specialised funds administrators, though seizing the opportunities is not without challenges. Today’s fund managers, LPs and other investors are demanding unprecedented levels of access to information, transparency and control over their investments and the 24/7 convenience of modern interfaces. At the same time, fund managers themselves are looking to gain efficiencies to maximise returns and to focus on core activities of deal sourcing and capital raising in an increasingly competitive landscape.

As a result, administrators are now required to deliver increasing levels of governance, compliance, accounting accuracy, real time reporting, multi-asset capability and new back and middle office-services, all of which are applying significant pressure on operating margins.

To remain competitive and fully grasp the alternative funds opportunity, administrators need to ensure peak operating efficiency, control the cost of compliance, and deliver solutions to provide managers and their investors absolute flexibility when it comes to when and how they engage.

Technology is a critical link in the value delivery chain as digital disruption accelerates. Access to feature-rich, robust, scalable technologies and support from technology partners with the deep industry expertise, proven solutions, multi-jurisdictional delivery capability and commitment to innovation, critical to winning the key battlegrounds.